Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Thursday advised that if the Senate were to pick up two Democrats, they could put an end to the filibuster and then codify Roe v. Wade into law.

Warren, on NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” emphasized the importance of the upcoming midterm elections. She pointed to Pennsylvania Democrat Senate nominee John Fetterman and Wisconsin Democrat Mandela Barnes and said if they were elected to the Senate, “Roe v. Wade will be the law all across America.”

“We’ve got to focus like a laser on the election in November. Understand this small minority that wanted to overturn Roe has been disciplined. They have worked at this for nearly five decades,” Warren told host Seth Meyers. “They lost, and they got back up, and they stayed in the fight. And they helped all of those senators who helped shepherd through these justices, who swore until the world looked level that Roe was settled law and that we don’t disturb settled law, and as soon as they got the votes, they went ahead and did not just a chip away at Roe — just blew the whole thing up. We need to be just as committed, just as focused on this election in November.”

“Two senators. If we pick up two Democratic senators who will help us get rid of the filibuster, which the president has now said he’s on board for that, and who will give us Roe v. Wade, two senators,” she added. “And, yes, John Fetterman, I am looking at you in Pennsylvania. Yes, Mandela Barnes, I’m looking at you in Wisconsin. We get those two senators in, we hang onto the House, and Roe v. Wade will be the law all across America.”

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