A full episode of the Australian children’s cartoon show ‘Bluey’ was banned in the U.S. by Disney+ after it was deemed “inappropriate” and outside the streaming service’s strict guidelines.

The scene that caused the axing did not involve a same-sex kiss. Nor was a controversial contemporary issue such as a children’s drag show, drag queen story hours, or telling prepubescent children their personal pronouns need to be made public.

It involved a dog farting, news.com reports.

The hugely popular three-season children’s animated adventure follows the trials and tribulations of its lead character, a Blue Heeler pup who lives with her family and finds herself thrust into a series of bewildering situations.

Earlier this month, the third season premiered on Disney+ and fans quickly spotted that one episode titled Family Meeting was missing from the line-up, the Daily Mail reports.

In the episode in question, Bluey’s dad, Bandit, is accused of farting in front of his eldest daughter while getting out of bed.

The dog always gets the blame: Disney+ deemed ‘Bluey’ fart episode inappropriate and outside the streaming service’s strict guidelines.

One person on Twitter pointed out Disney had “banned” the episode despite major Lion King character Pumbaa farting freely in the 1994 film.

‘Wait “Family Meeting” was banned…. Disney, it’s a kids show, and Pumbaa exists. Let the episode air!’ another exclaimed angrily.

‘They ban a Bluey episode for a fart joke. Mind boggles. Those poor kids,’ someone else remarked, as others were quick to join in pointing out the hypocrisy.

Last year, The New York Times described the show as ‘the biggest Australian export since The Wiggles’.

Disney is now reportedly “reevaluating” the decision, having contacted independent Disney blog site Pirates and Princess to inform them the issue is still under consideration.

It relayed some of the content in ‘Bluey’ didn’t meet certain guidelines when the series was acquired by Disney Junior.

However, now it is being released on other platforms, Disney is going to rethink its options.

Clearly Disney has decided to let farting dogs lie.

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