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Exclusive — Robert Epstein: Who Gave Private Big Tech Companies the Power to Decide What We Can See?

Dr. Robert Epstein, the senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and a veteran of Breitbart News’ “Masters of the Universe” town hall on Internet freedom, joined SiriusXM hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak on Monday’s Breitbart News Tonight to discuss the simultaneous banning of Infowars host Alex Jones by most major social media platforms.

InfoWars host Alex Jones, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook, Apple Purge InfoWars for ‘Hate Speech’

The Masters of the Universe at Facebook and Apple have taken steps to censor InfoWars pages and podcasts from their platforms, both claiming Alex Jones engages in “hate speech.”

Jack Dorsey poses with Angela Merkel and Rupert Murdoch.

Twitter Admits: Your Posts Will Be Hidden if the Right Accounts Block You

Twitter manipulates the visibility of its users based on who has chosen to block or mute them, the company admitted in a Thursday blog post — raising further questions about ideological bias in how the tech giant chooses which accounts set the standard for “conversational health.”

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, Chairman of Twitter and a founder of both ,holds an event in London on November 20, 2014, where he announced the launch of Square Register mobile application. The app, which is available on Apple and Android devises, will allow merchants to track sales, inventories and …

Twitter Admits: Your Posts Will Be Hidden if You Follow the Wrong Accounts

Twitter admits in an official company blog that your posts will be hidden if you follow the wrong accounts — but it continues to evade transparency on how it determines good and bad accounts. Conservatives continue to be hardest hit by the algorithm changes, while the company insists that it has no ideological bias.