The Los Angeles Police Dept. arrested a man they accused of trying to steal singer John Legend’s Porsche outside an L.A. recording studio.

Legend’s car was reportedly parked outside the studio on Monday, when witnesses and security guards say a man walked up to the auto, opened the door, and sat down inside. He then reportedly began looking around inside the car for keys or a way to start the vehicle, TMZ reported.

Security guards called the police after watching the man’s actions on surveillance video.

The LAPD reportedly confronted the man about what he was doing. After allegedly saying that the car was his, he reportedly turned and ran away. Officers chased him down and arrested him.

The man was booked for attempted grand theft auto, a felony charge, and is being held on $85,000 bail.

The arrest seems like a rarely-seen incident as Los Angeles continues to suffer a massive crime wave sweeping over the area, a crime wave that has hit many celebrities on the streets and in their homes.

To name just a few incidents, rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s L.A. home was broken into in October and hundreds of thousands of dollars in items were stolen.

Actor and talk show host Arsenio Hall’s home was hit with two break-ins and was almost robbed twice while he was at his L.A. home.

In June, actor Casey Affleck’s girlfriend actress Caylee Cowan was alone in their L.A. home at around 3:00 a.m., when she woke up to find a home standing in front of her in her bedroom.

In July, pop singer Lana Del Rey obtained a temporary restraining order (TRO) against a man she claims stole her car and has been stalking her.

In August, Avengers and Captain America star Frank Grillo slammed rising crime in the Democrat-controlled city after his boxing trainer, Azuma Bennett, was “shot and killed over nothing” in a street encounter. The actor also called on “the powers that be” in Los Angeles to “get off their asses and fix this shit.”

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