The War on Children, the new documentary from filmmaker Robby Starbuck, explores the many ways in which minors are being targeted for sexualization — by LGBTQ activists who want to push gender transitions on children; by state governments, like California; by the porn industry; and by China’s TikTok, which has become ground zero for trans influencers.

After being released online earlier this week, The War on Children has so far been viewed more than 50 million times.

Robby Starbuck spoke Wednesday to Mike Slater, host of Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM Patriot 125. Starbuck explained why he and his wife, Landon, felt compelled to make the documentary.

“There was nothing that gave people the whole picture of the war on children from all fronts — whether it be the nonprofits that are really acting as fronts for far-left activist groups, or the government itself, the indoctrination centers we call public schools in many cases, big pharmaceutical companies — you go down the line, entertainment,” he said.


Breitbart · Robby Starbuck – February 21, 2024

“Every segment of culture is messaging sexuality and sexualization to our kids and indoctrinating them with ideas that try to push us toward a future where they all become fully reliant on the government, or the state replaces the parent in many ways. And so what they’re trying to do is create a generation of compliant and reliable voters who will essentially do whatever the left tells them they must do to continue the support that they’ve grown accustomed to.”

The movie’s most shocking segment deals with a mother, Abigail Martinez, whose daughter Yaeli was taken from her by the state of California to enable the minor to undergo gender reassignment.

Yaeli ultimately committed suicide after changing her mind and wanting to de-transition.

“If people could watch one part of the documentary, that’s the one I would tell people to watch — to understand how far the state is willing to go on this war on children,” Starbuck said.


The documentary also spotlights Pornhub — specifically, a woman named Dr. Laurie Betito who runs the porn site’s so-called “Sexual Wellness Center.”

“She gave a really stunning interview in which she admitted that children are sexual beings from the beginning,” Starbuck said.

“It’s really disturbing and disgusting stuff…. you have to see it to believe it. It’s so insane.”

The War on Children is viewable in its entirety X, where Elon Musk has encouraged parents to watch it.

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