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Children as Young as Four Seek NHS Help for Gender Issues

The number of children seeking help from Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) for ‘gender issues’ has nearly quadrupled in the past few years, with some cases involving children as young as four.


LGBT Curriculum Programme, Gender Neutral Uniforms Adopted By 120 UK Schools

More than 100 schools in Britain have signed up, primaries “faster than secondary schools”, to an LGBT “best practice” programme under which separate boys’ and girls’ uniforms are ditched, and material promoting gay and transgender lifestyles is injected into every part of the curriculum.


Charity: Record Number of Children Claiming to Be Wrong Gender

Children are ringing an emergency helpline in record numbers to say they are the wrong gender, a charity has said. The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), which runs the Childline helpline, says it held an

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Schools Handed Guidance on ‘Queering the Education System’

Teachers at leading boarding schools have been told to address transgender children using the pronoun “zie” to avoid falling foul of the Equalities Act. The advice comes in official guidance aimed at “queering the education system”. Internationally renowned schools including