Comedians Bill Maher and Larry Wilmore slammed President Joe Biden’s recent commencement address at Morehouse College in Atlanta, saying the speech was “condescending” to black people.

Biden delivered his Morehouse commencement speech in May during which he described the United States as a racist country where black people aren’t welcome, saying an “old ghost in new garments” is trying to take power and threatening their “freedoms.”.

The president also harped on George Floyd and told the young graduates that “democracy” doesn’t work for them.

Biden’s scare-mongering message comes at a time when a growing number of black voters are defecting from Biden to former President Donald Trump, sending Democrat leaders into panic mode.

Larry Wilmore spoke about Biden’s speech during a recent episode of Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast.

“What did you think of Biden’s speech at [Morehouse]?” Maher asked.

“It’s condescending,” Wilmore said, noting Al Gore also alienated him during the 2000 election when he made similar “condescending” remarks.

“I live in the world of aspiration, not desperation because I know those things exist,” Wilmore said. “I’ve talked about them, I make jokes about them, always keep it in perspective of if you want to build something, you don’t want to just put bandaids on things in your life, you also want to build things in your life too, and you build things by being inspired.”

Maher also panned Biden’s speech, saying it was like “night and day” compared to Barack Obama.

“Obama’s was all about so many doors have been broken down, you have so many good reasons to hope, and no more excuses, and when it went over way better. Of course, it’s obviously a different standard he’s working from as a black man speaking at that college, but Biden’s was so just so, I thought, 2000-late,” Maher said.

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