German member of parliament for the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) Frank Magnitz was brutally attacked Monday evening in what some are labelling an assassination attempt.

Mr Magnitz, who sits in the German parliament and acts as state chairman of the of the Bremen branch of the AfD, was set upon by several unknown individuals after leaving the theatre at the Goetheplatz according to a post which was shared on the AfD Bremen Facebook page.

The post claimed that Magnitz had been hit with some sort of blunt object and that if it had not been for the intervention of a bystander he may not have escaped the situation alive. He was taken to a local hospital soon after the attack with the AfD claiming that the police were investigating the matter as an act of politically-motivated violence.

“Not only the left but also the Social Democrats and the Greens support Antifa and their attacks. Is that what the other political forces want? Is that your understanding of democracy? Again, the AfD is the focus for left attacks that are not condemned or are even supported by the other parties,” the post read.

“Today is a black day for democracy in Germany.”

The brutal attack comes less than a week after an office belonging to the AfD in the city of Döbeln was bombed in what is also believed by the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) to have been a politically motivated attack.

The AfD say they keep track of attacks against their officers, members, and their homes, and gave statistics to Breitbart London which showed that attacks have risen from only four in 2014 to well over 600 in 2017.

Alt-left extremist Antifa violence has also become more violent and more pronounced in Germany over the last several years, with members of the extremist organisation releasing terror manuals encouraging attacks on the AfD.

A report released by the German domestic intelligence agency BfV last June confirmed the rise in far-left violence by showing the number of violent crimes to have increased 88 percent from 2012 to 2017.

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