Two anonymous donors paid off $95,000 in medical bills for more than 400 patients at a hospital in Kansas.

More than 400 patients receiving care at Pratt Medical Center got the good news in the mail, KSNW reported.

Britt Oller, a mail carrier in town, was one of those patients. At first, she said she kept noticing something different about the mail she was delivering Tuesday.

“I just kept seeing this red thing on the top of the letter saying this is not a bill, open immediately for records, and I just thought, ‘Man, I hope these people read this,’” said Oller.

When she arrived home, she noticed the same letter appeared in her mailbox.

“I searched further, the letter it said you have been chosen by an anonymous donor, and we have paid off your hospital bills,” said Oller.

Oller said $250 of her medical bills were paid in full. She was not the only one who benefitted from this random act of kindness. Pratt Regional Medical Center said the two donors paid off medical bills for 430 families.

“The majority came from one donor, but both of the gifts together were $95,000 to help people in need here at Pratt Regional Medical Center,” said Luke Kumberg, the director of patient financial services.

The $95,000 sum went to cover bills of $300 or less.

This is not the only instance where large sums of medical debt had been erased from the community.

In October 2019, an Indiana church paid off $7.8 million in medical debt for 6,000 families in ten different communities.

Another church in northern Texas in September 2019 paid off $2.6 million in medical debt to those in need.