LONDON, United Kingdom — Thousands of EU supporters marched through the streets of London Saturday afternoon demanding the Brexit vote be ignored by Britain’s political class.

Many participants in the “March for Europe” held banners declaring their love of the European Union and telling the government to ignore the wishes of 52 per cent of the British public.

Addressing the crowd, Irish singer Bob Goldof — who became infamous during the referendum campaign after being pictured insulting impoverished fishermen — told people to spend the next two years fighting the referendum result.

“We must do everything possible within our individual power to stop this country being totally destroyed,” he said.

Exclusive pictures by Rachel Megawhat:

Beneath the Mother of Parliaments, demanding democracy be overturned

Bob Geldof safely away from poor fishermen this time

“Ignore the people”

Liberal “Democrat” leader Tim Farron joins the march against democracy

They look very pleased with themselves. Must have taken them ages to think that one up.

The middle classes show how in-touch they are.

Owen Jones once criticised the establishment. Now he’s part of it.

A Leadsom supporter?

No idea

Didn’t David Cameron back Remain?

Great parents

“We love faceless bureaucracy!”

This could be an 80s kids show

Not sure he’d approve

High levels of wit

The majority of voters are “fools” apparently.

A mature lot

Snappy placards as well.

Some people must surely be trolling.

Everyone’s favourite political artist is also there

Hang on, Theresa May backed Remain.

Londoners march against dumb provincials

Thought this was supposed to be about the EU?

If you insist

…says the side of Project Fear

“We love an unaccountable elite”

A voice of the majority?

The Cheeky Girls had a makeover

“We love an unelected Commission”


That doesn’t even make sense

Some may not have taken it entirely seriously

Fancy a picnic?

It’s not unusual to see foreign flags in Westminster

The people of Greece would definitely agree

Lots of space…

Not sure what that has to do with the EU


EUtopia” – really

At least it’s a slightly more positive message than the other kids

“Angry art teacher”. Well that’s it then, guess we’re staying in after all

Can’t get enough people sympathetic to your cause? Just hijack any old protest even if it’s totally irrelevant.

Letting off flares is a sure way to look sane and reasonable

Cutting political analysis

Not any more

Well if you insist

And that’s why you lost

Could not agree more

If there’s only one race then how can you be racist?

Those lamppost markings can be hard to decipher

Unfortunately 52 per cent tend to differ

The middle classes rise up against democracy

“Don’t establish the supremacy of British law in Britain”

Erm, yes it is

Can I get an amen?

No floating gin palace this time

“Are you trying to protect your industry?”

Well that was all thoroughly pointless