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Left Takes Power in Australia Amid Record Early and Mail-In Voting

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – Australia’s left-wing opposition party toppled the conservative government after almost a decade in power, and Prime Minister-elect Anthony Albanese in his Saturday election victory speech promised sharper reductions in greenhouse gas emissions while he faces an early foreign policy test.


Azov Commander in Mariupol: ‘We Continue to Resist’

KYIV, Ukraine – The deputy commander of the Azov Regiment, the last Ukrainian army unit holding out in the ruined port of Mariupol, said on Friday that his troops will resist Moscow’s forces “as long as they can,” despite shortages of ammunition, food, water and medicine.


Globalist Macron Officially Sworn In as French President

President Emmanuel Macron was inaugurated for a second term on Saturday, vowing to first take action to avoid any further escalation of Russia’s war in Ukraine before going on to focus on promoting France and Europe on the world stage.