Pro-Palestinian protesters reportedly swarmed police outside Israel’s embassy in Mexico City on Tuesday, throwing rocks and bottles and setting fires on the embassy grounds.

Video of the unrest shows protesters trying to tear down metal fences erected around the embassy, and at one point the grounds were set afire, according to the Hill.

According to the Associated Press, some 200 protesters accosted police outside the embassy and six officers were injured.

Mexico City police, deployed in riot gear and carrying shields, used tear gas on the protesters.

The protests came on the heels of an Israeli attack on a Hamas position near a refugee camp in Rafah. After the attack, fire apparently spread into the camp. Israeli officials said they are investigating the incident and feel that an IDF tank attack on a Hamas ammo supply near the camp accidentally spread the fire. But they deny actually striking the camp itself.

“We are looking into all possibilities including the option that weapons stored in a compound next to our target which we did not know of may have ignited as a result of the strike,” said Israeli chief military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, according to Reuters.

White House spokesman John Kirby said the incident did not cross President Biden’s “red line.”

“Now, obviously this had tragic results, and obviously that needs to be investigated, and we need to know why even using small-diameter, precision guided munitions, this was able to happen, but we’ll have to let the Israelis get to the bottom of that,” Kirby said, according to the New York Post.

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