A man accompanied by a group of masked thugs in a New York City subway car on Monday asked “Zionists” to raise their hands and identify themselves, adding that it was their last chance to “get off” — while the train was in motion.

The shocking incident happened as protesters were on their way to lower Manhattan to protest an exhibit about the Nova (or Supernova) music festival in Israel, where Hamas terrorists murdered roughly 400 people on October 7.

At that protest, as Breitbart News reported, activists displayed slogans such as “Long Live October 7,” and waved Hezbollah flags, among other radical symbols. The White House and Mayor Eric Adams condemned the protest.

According to news agencies the protesters had gathered in Union Square, before descending into the subway station to take trains to Wall Street, where the exhibition is being held.

Footage of the incident went viral online:

Zionism is the belief that Jews have a right to a state in the historic and religious Jewish homeland of Israel. Almost all Jews share that belief and are Zionists; the term “Zionist” is often used by antisemites as a euphemism for “Jews.”

The New York Post reported:

Masked anti-Israel protesters took over a New York City subway car on Monday and demanded to know if there were any “Zionists” on the train — then warned them: ‘This is your chance to get out.”

No one appears to raise their hands, according to the clip, widely shared online Tuesday

“Okay, no Zionists, we’re good,” he said as others cheered.

Earlier, a man in Union Square had told a group of Jewish counter-demonstrators that he wished Hitler were there:

In another incident, the director of the Brooklyn Museum, and Jewish members of the museum’s board, were targeted overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, their homes vandalized with antisemitic graffiti, the Post reported.

Anti-Israel protesters have demonstrated at the Brooklyn Museum, even occupying the building earlier this month, damaging artwork and harassing staff, according to NBC News. 34 activists were eventually arrested by police.

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