Host Alex Marlow opens today’s podcast with some post-Mar-a-Lago raid dot connecting. President Trump had his passport taken or stolen, and then it was given back. We still don’t know why the raid took place or what the Department of Justice thinks it got, but we do know that the targeted harassment by our government (which is well-funded and heavily armed) of Trump-affiliated figures has hit new heights, and the media is frothing at the mouth to see an indictment. Alex supplies the evidence. He then discusses the one-year anniversary of Joe Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, which left Americans stranded and seemed to benefit nearly every bad actor on Earth. Then, if you can believe it, there’s even more bad economic indicators to report, but there is a silver lining in that the country is not buying the Brandon administration’s spin. Also, Alex reports on two disturbing stories: shocking, even scary audio of Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman speaking at his first campaign rally since he suffered a stroke; and Soros-backed soft-on-crime Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon somehow surviving a recall effort. Our guest today is Dale Wilcox, the executive director and general counsel of the Immigration Reform Law Institute. Dale discusses his epic and horrifying report on the nation’s worst “sanctuary cities,” which he details in an exclusive op-ed today on Breitbart.

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