Trump Unrecognizable in Helsinki

So what happened at the summit in Helsinki? This week on Did She Say That, Sonnie Johnson dives deep into the joint press conference between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sonnie asks whether the president is capable of distinguishing between Russian interference and the Mueller investigation. Also, Sonnie breaks down the timeline leading up to the summit and that she is neither a Never Trumper nor a Trump sycophant. In addition, Sonnie takes a look at the Resistance and why she believes that it is necessary to keep Trump from making bad deals - with the Democrats.

Conservatives Should Look At Blacks As Victors Not Victims

Blacks already know that Socialism and Progressivism are failures. This week on Did She Say That, Sonnie Johnson dives in deep on how the Black community has already bought into Capitalism and how what they are already doing can be enhanced by what Conservatives have done.

Socialism Spreading Through America Unchallenged

Sonnie was right...AGAIN. This week she revisits the rise of Democratic Socialism and how Conservative "experts" are failing to warn the people of the approaching revolution. In addition, she looks at how Trump has exposed the intelligence agencies abuse of power through surveillance - even though Republicans told us it was for our benefit.

Price Tag of Too Big To Fail Bailout Still Felt Ten Years Later

The too big to fail 2008 bailout of the banks, in real terms, cost more than the Marshall Plan, the Louisiana Purchase, the Race to the Moon, the Savings and Loans crisis, the Korean War, the New Deal, the Invasion of Iraq, the Vietnam War and NASA combined. On this week's Delingpole, James talks to fund manager - and, bizarrely, fellow Oxford English graduate - Tim Price about the iniquities of global finance. These guys get paid gazillions for doing little more than rip us off. Price explains how all those too big banks should have been allowed to fail - and how we're still paying the price for bailing them out. Price, a Perma Bear warns James that we haven't even begun to address the problems of the 2008 financial crisis: we've just kicked the can down the road.

Media Brainwash Brits with Healthcare Propaganda

Why do the British people believe their health care is the "envy of the world?" On this week's Delingpole, James lets you know not only how complicit the media is in promoting this propaganda, but, in fact, how the media is the progenitor of this falsehood. Last week James tore into the failure of the British National Health Service (NHS) - just in time for it's birthday celebration! Yes, it's the Happy 70th Birthday NHS Special (lol) with Kate Andrews and Kristian Niemitz of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA). Because Kristian is German, James only mentions the War a few times - but he thinks he got away with it. Meanwhile Kate, an American, explains why the US healthcare system is not the only alternative - much as leftists may like to claim. But all is not lost! James and his guests will tell you where the top two health care systems are in the world. Listen now and find out whether you need to pack your bags.

Inside Britain's Disgraceful National Health Service

On the 70th anniversary of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), James Delingpole talks with Dr. Will, a NHS Accident and Emergency specialist and front line doctor. He spills the beans on what it’s REALLY like working in the casualty department in a busy city hospital: the chaos, the confusion, the waste… Our mole, Dr Will, doesn’t offer any solutions. But he has plenty of vivid examples of why it doesn’t deserve its reputation as the “envy of the world” and why socialized medicine isn’t the answer to our ever more complicated health requirements.

Seven Ways to Protect Your Family From Home Invasion

A family's worst nightmare is having their home invaded. On this week's episode of Bullets, firearms expert Baret Fawbush (Truexodus) delves into home security. Do you have a plan in case of a home invasion? Listen now to hear him discuss how to prepare for home defense. In addition, hear AWR explain why SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh portends great things for the Second Amendment. Also, make sure to stick around to hear more stories brought to you by the Second Amendment.

Second Amendment the Ultimate Check on Tyranny

Kurt Schlichter has seen up close what happens when governments disarm their citizenry. He understands freedom and the important role guns play in preserving it. Schlichter, a Army Col. (ret.), author, Fox News contributor, and an attorney understands what our Founding Fathers intended in writing the U.S. constitution. Listen now to hear Schlichter and AWR discuss the necessity of staying armed and free. Also, hear AWR discuss numerous self-defense stories, brought to you by the Second Amendment.

Trump Using SCOTUS to Save Second Amendment

AWR talks with legal scholar Ken Klukowski about President Trump's pending Supreme Court justice pick and what it means for the Second Amendment.

Episode #25 - Allen West

Allen West (retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, and former member of the U.S. House of Representatives) joins Curt to discuss the latest from Iran, followed by Breitbart's Matt Boyle who breaks down news from the White House.

Episode #24 - Rep. Warren Davidson

Congressman Davidson and Curt go over Russia, the border, and a few other hot topics, then Breitbart's John Nolte and Curt breakdown Rob Reiner's latest box office flop.

Episode #23 - Michelle Malkin

7.19.18 - Michelle Malkin catches up with Curt and breaks down the latest news coming out of D.C. Then Breitbart's Jerome Hudson and Curt discuss Sacha Baron Cohen.