President Donald Trump dismissed reports he was privately frustrated with North Korea’s slow progress on denuclearization, insisting he was “very happy.”

“A Rocket has not been launched by North Korea in 9 months. Likewise, no Nuclear Tests,” Trump wrote, noting that Japan and Asia were pleased with the results of his summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Trump commented on the issue after the Washington Post reported the president was “frustrated” with the lack of progress, and “fumed at his aides in private” citing “a half-dozen White House Aides, State Department officials and diplomats” who spoke anonymously.

Trump decried the report as “fake news.”

“[T]he Fake News is saying, without ever asking me (always anonymous sources), that I am angry because it is not going fast enough,” he wrote. “Wrong, very happy!”

Trump again criticized the Washington Post and it’s ties to owner Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.

The Amazon Washington Post has gone crazy against me ever since they lost the Internet Tax Case in the U.S. Supreme Court two months ago. Next up is the U.S. Post Office which they use, at a fraction of real cost, as their “delivery boy” for a BIG percentage of their packages. In my opinion the Washington Post is nothing more than an expensive (the paper loses a fortune) lobbyist for Amazon. Is it used as protection against antitrust claims which many feel should be brought?