President Joe Biden celebrated the beginning of Ramadan Monday evening, criticizing Americans for fueling hatred of Muslim-Americans.

“Muslim Americans continue to be targeted by bullying, bigotry, and hate crimes. This prejudice and these attacks are wrong,” Biden said in a statement. “They are unacceptable, and they must stop.”

The president also decried attacks on religion in his statement.

“No one in America should ever live in fear of expressing his or her faith,” he said.

Biden praised Muslim communities for being as “diverse and vibrant” as America and praised them for “playing a leading role in our ongoing struggle for racial equity and social justice.”

The president also boasted that he eliminated former President Donald Trump’s travel ban, which he falsely described as a “Muslim travel ban.”

“On my first day as president, I was proud to end the shameful Muslim travel ban,” he said.

Trump’s travel ban barred tourism and immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries identified as being vulnerable to terrorism, but other Muslim-majority nations were not banned.

Biden said he would also stand for persecuted Muslims around the world, including the Uyghurs in China and the Rohingya in Burma.

He also promised to host a virtual Eid celebration at the White House to celebrate the season of Ramadan.

“Although our White House festivities will be held virtually this Ramadan, Jill and I look forward to resuming the traditional White House Eid celebration in person next year, inshallah,” he said.

Biden also issued a Ramadan message on social media.

Vice President Kamala Harris also published a video on social media celebrating Ramadan.