The disgraced Never Trump Lincoln Project is triggered by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) exclusive interview with Breitbart News, which took place last week at the DKR Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Texas.

The left-wing Super PAC complained after the Republican governor shared a clip from Breitbart News’s extensive interview last week:

Last month, @UTAustin pulled our ad, critical of Gov Abbott, from their network because it was political in nature. Yet, they allowed @BreitbartNews to host an exclusive interview with Abbott in their stadium? Hypocrisy or political influence? Either way, we won’t stand for it.

Rick Wilson, a Lincoln Project cofounder, also complained about the interview separately.

“Totally non political, right, Longhorn Network?” he asked. “Give me all the effing breaks”:

The complaints from the disgraced group of Never Trumpers follows Breitbart News publishing two installments of a wide-ranging interview with the Lone Star State governor, which took place last week.

During the interview, Abbott weighed in on the “Fuck Joe Biden,” “Let’s Go, Brandon,” movement sweeping the country, explaining it is happening “because of the disastrous policies that are implemented by Joe Biden.”


In another clip, the Republican governor discussed the battle over the Biden administration’s expected vaccine mandate, making it clear that “neither the President of the United States, nor the federal government have any legal authority — any constitutional authority — to issue their vaccine mandate.”

He added:

[T]hroughout the history of the United States of America, it has been governors in states that have been in charge of health and safety of the people who are residents of those states, not the federal government. So, from the legal side, I feel like we’re on solid ground. Also, from the constitutional side in this regard, and that is part of the governor’s job is to ensure that the freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of our positions are going to be protected.”


The complaints come months after the embattled group faced a wave of criticism and subsequent departures over cofounder John Weaver’s harassment — particularly accusations of preying upon young men.