A giant gust of wind reportedly toppled the U.S. National Christmas tree on Tuesday, just days before its scheduled lighting ceremony with President Joe Biden.

Reports showed that a giant crane had been employed to put the toppled tree back into its upright position. Typically, the trees are in the ground but, according to @rawsalerts, they had to be cut down this year due to a fungal outbreak.

“The National Christmas Tree, where President Joe Biden was scheduled to deliver the Christmas tree lighting, has been toppled over after a significant gust of wind occurred, according to the National Park Service,” said @rawsalerts on X. “The incident on the White House Ellipse, and crews are actively working to carefully lift and secure the tree back into place. The National Park Service is currently evaluating the condition of the National Christmas Tree. Officials at the National Park state that the show will still go on as scheduled on Thursday.”

“The White House National Christmas Tree[s] are typically in the ground but this year they it had to be cut down due to a fungal disease outbreak. Definitely not a good time to be a White House Christmas tree this year,” it added.

According to WTOP News, “Northwest winds ushered in a cold snap Tuesday, with winds between 10 to 20 mph and gusts of up to 35 mph.  Tuesday recorded wind gusts of between 30 to 40 mph, which 7News First Alert meteorologist said was certainly enough to tip over the tree.”

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