EXCLUSIVE: 29K Migrants Apprehended at Border During Christmas Weekend

Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 29,000 migrants during the extended Christmas weekend. While most American families enjoyed the celebrations of Christmas with family and friends, Border Patrol agents stayed to their tasks of processing, transporting, caring for, and eventually releasing thousands of migrants pushed across the border by human smuggling cartels.

Tucson and Eagle Pass Migrant Apprehensions (File Photos: Getty Images)

Exclusive – In Communist China, Celebrating Christmas Could Hurt Your Social Credit Score

The sizable Christian population of China — including members of both “legal” Communist Party-controlled churches and illicit “house churches” seeking a private prayer space — faces significant persecution if found to be “too enthusiastic” in celebrating Christmas, David Curry, the president and CEO of Global Christian Relief, told Breitbart News in a recent conversation.

Policemen stand in front of St. Joseph's Church during a mass on Christmas eve in Beijing