Ahmed Mohamed "Clock Boy" meeting President Obama

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed’s $15M Demand Letter Falls Short of Serious Case

Ahmed Mohamed’s lawyers are demanding $15 million, according to letters to the city of Irving, Texas, and Irving Independent School District (ISD) that list their grievances. While it is possible that on one or more issues Mohamed might have a claim, most—if not all—of this lawsuit appears meritless.

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Obama’s ‘Cool Clock’ Muslim Boy Gets Award From Jihad-Tied CAIR

The jihad-linked CAIR advocacy group has declared the Texas ‘cool clock’ boy, Ahmed Mohamed, to be the “American Muslim of the Year.” The award bypassed accomplished Muslims in America — and was protested by other Muslims — but it did highlight CAIR’s incendiary claim to its overseas supporters that Muslims in America are threatened, and must be aided by overseas Muslims.

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New York’s Muslim Cop Society Champions Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed

An officially recognized society of Muslim police officers in the New York Police Department are championing the Muslim boy who is accusing Texas police of racism because they questioned him about his clock-in-a-box that he showed to school teachers. The Texas police suspected the jury-rigged clock-in-a-box was a hoax-bomb, not an actual bomb.


Obama’s ‘Cool Clock’ Muslim Boy Claims Racism to Foreign Audience

The Muslim American boy championed by President Barack Obama is using his new worldwide fame to accuse Texans of racism and anti-Muslim discrimination. “My dream is to raise consciousness against racism and discrimination,” he said at a New York press event with Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, according to an article in the Turkish newspaper,

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Exclusive– CJ Pearson Talks Donald Trump, Ahmed Mohamed, and Obama

CJ Pearson, the conservative 13-year-old YouTube rockstar and fierce critic of President Barack Obama, spoke to Breitbart about being blocked by Obama on Twitter, about Donald Trump, Ahmed Mohamed and the hoax-bomb clock controversy, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, and CJ’s new position as national chairman of Teens for Ted.


Police Report Blocked by Possible Ahmed’s ‘Clock’ Lawsuit

The Texas police department at the center of the Muslim-clock-inside-a-box controversy wants to bottle-up information that would help the public decide if Texas teachers and police were unfair to the Muslim boy who brought a suspected hoax-bomb to school — or if Texans were smeared as haters by progressives and President Barack Obama.

Ahmed Mohamed, clock teen (Associated Press)

Clock Teen Ahmed Given VIP Treatment at Google

On Monday, Ahmed Mohamed, the freshman from MacArthur High School in Texas who was arrested after bringing a clock that looked like a bomb to school, was fêted at the science fair at the Google campus in Mountain View.

Texas Muslim Student Clock

Ahmed Mohamed Implies He Knew His Clock Could ‘Seem Like a Threat’

In a telling admission on video, Ahmed Mohammed—the MacArthur High School freshman student in Texas who was arrested for bringing what school officials and police believed was a “hoax bomb” to school—implied that he knew that the clock he had built would look suspicious and threatening.

MIT digital clock @jfgm Twitter

MIT Students Hang Clock in Support of Muslim Texas Teenager

To support Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim high schooler who found controversy when he brought a purportedly homemade clock to his Texas high school, students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology hung a clock of their own in the school’s entrance.