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Target VP Was Board Member for K-12 Transgender Advocacy Group

Target’s shareholders have lost $9 billion in stock market value because the public is protesting the C-suite’s policy of mixing their professional duties with their personal agendas, including advocacy for transgenderism.

A sign outside a Target store is seen Wednesday, May 24, 2023, in Nashville, Tenn. On May 26, The Associated Press reported on stories circulating online incorrectly claiming Target’s Pride collection features a bathing suit for kids that is labeled “tuck-friendly.” (AP Photo/George Walker IV, File)

Biden Deputy: We Want More White-Collar Migrants amid Layoffs

Fortune 500 companies are firing hundreds of thousands of American professionals, but President Joe Biden’s deputies want to import more foreign white-collar workers for jobs that would go to better-paid American graduates.

A group meets in an office (Pexels/Thirdman).

Marco Rubio: Joe Biden’s Open Borders Damages Other Nations

President Joe Biden’s open borders policy is damaging the United States — and is even wrecking the poor migrant-sending countries by extracting their young people and enriching their criminals, says Republican Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

migrant children

Watch: GOP, Democrats Clash at House Hearing on Joe Biden’s Open Border

The immigration panel of the House judiciary committee is holding a hearing on Tuesday morning, where the GOP’s leading reformer — Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) — faces off against the Democrats’ maximum-migration border caucus, led by Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX).

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 09: Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) questions Intelligence Committee Minority Counsel Stephen Castor and Intelligence Committee Majority Counsel Daniel Goldman during House impeachment inquiry hearings before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill December 9, 2019 in Washington, DC. The hearing is being held for the Judiciary …

State Department Promotes Transgenderism over Gay Rights

President Joe Biden’s State Department has declared an “International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia, and Transphobia,” prompting jeers from both social conservatives and gay activists.

transgenderism means Many social conservatives and gay activists are ridiculing President Joe Biden's State Department for declaring an "International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia, and Transphobia."

D.C. Taxpayers Fund Laundry Service for Poor Migrants

An estimated $15 million has been spent by Washington, DC, residents to provide hotels, meals, laundry, English classes, and security to roughly 1,300 illegal migrants who have been welcomed by President Joe Biden and the city’s Democratic government.

WASHINGTON DC - APRIL 18, 2023 Migrants gather after arriving on a bus from Arizona in Washington, DC on April 18, 2023. Many of the buses were sent to the nation's capital as political stunts by Republican governors in Florida and Texas. Families of migrants, many bused into the nation's …

Washington Post Editors Deny Border Surge

The editors of Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post are claiming the White House has gotten southern migration under control, with a wide front-page headline saying, “At the border, a reset but no surge.”

EL PASO, TEXAS - MAY 09: Immigrants wait near the U.S.-Mexico border fence after crossing over from Mexico on May 09, 2023 in El Paso, Texas. A surge of immigrants is expected with the end of the U.S. government's Covid-era Title 42 policy, which for the past three years has …

Politico: ‘Dems Fracture’ amid Border Breakdown

The pending 2024 election campaign is forcing several Democrats to partially and temporarily turn against President Joe Biden’s cheap-labor migration policies, according to Politico.

Texas National Guardsmen reinforce a stretch of razor wire as migrants try to cross into the U.S., on the banks of the Rio Grande, as seen from Matamoros, Mexico, Thursday, May 11, 2023. Migrants rushed across the Mexico border Thursday in hopes of entering the U.S. in the final hours …

Joe Biden Threatens to Veto Republican Border Reform

President Joe Biden will veto the Republicans’ flagship border reform bill because it reduces the federal government’s ability to extract economic migrants from poor countries, according to a White House statement.

Illegal Aliens

Joe Biden’s Migrant Flood Sparks Citizen Protests in Chicago

Citizens in Chicago are angrily protesting President Joe Biden’s flood of foreign migrants into their neighborhoods and workplaces. “It is a slap in the face that we as citizens of the United States of America do not have the resources

chicago migrants

Biden Opens Doorway for 350,000 Migrants from Mexico

President Joe Biden’s pro-migration border chief is opening a door in the border to admit 1,000 people per day — or 350,000 people per year — despite Congress’s caps on migration numbers. 

Migrants wait to be processed by the US Border Patrol, seen from the Mexican side of the US-Mexico border in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, Mexico, March 29, 2023. - About 200,000 people try to cross the border from Mexico into the United States each month, most of them fleeing poverty …

Senators Draft Bill to Keep Title 42 Border Barrier

GOP Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C) and Independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ) have drafted a bill that would enforce the Title 42 border barrier for two years, and curb the catch-and-release policy that has allowed millions of migrants to walk into the United States.

title 42

White House Deal with Mexico: More Migrants, Less Video

A White House official has signed a border management deal with Mexico to minimize the visibility of accelerating mass illegal migration once officials lift the Title 42 barrier that now protects Americans.

Aerial view of a migrants camp where asylum seekers wait for US authorities to allow them to start their migration process outside El Chaparral crossing port in Tijuana, Baja California state, Mexico on March 17, 2021. - President Biden's pledge of a more humane approach has sparked a new rush …