Exclusive– CJ Pearson Talks Donald Trump, Ahmed Mohamed, and Obama

CJ Pearson/Facebook
CJ Pearson/Facebook

CJ Pearson, the conservative 13-year-old YouTube rockstar and fierce critic of President Barack Obama, spoke to Breitbart about being blocked by Obama on Twitter, about Donald Trump, Ahmed Mohamed and the hoax-bomb clock controversy, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, and CJ’s new position as national chairman of Teens for Ted.

“It’s funny and ironic how the Left always criticizes the Right for using me as a political prop, but yet they’re so willing to go out of their way to embrace a child that didn’t even build a clock,” Pearson said on a call with Breitbart on Thursday. “And the president has invited [Ahmed Mohamed] to the White House, who, essentially, isn’t notable for anything.”

Ahmed Mohamed is the fourteen-year-old Muslim student in Texas who brought a clock-in-a-box to his school and was arrested after school administrators thought the dismantled and hazardous clock-in-a-case might be a hoax-bomb. At least one electronics expert—and Richard Dawkins—has asserted that Mohamed didn’t actually build the 120-volt “clock” heard ’round the world. Nevertheless, Mohamed was invited to the White House, he has appeared on Comedy Central, and is scheduled to meet with foreign dignitaries at the United Nations.

“The Left has been fooled,” Pearson said. “What if this was a bomb? We would’ve been having the discussion about why did [teachers and cops] not take those extra precautions? But they did, and now they are getting flack for it? All I have to say is that it is important to be vigilant.”

I asked CJ if he thought his April Youtube video where he said, “I’m sick and tired of Al Sharpton being the voice of black people” had anything to do with MSNBC’s August announcement that Al Sharpton would be demoted from his primetime spot to Sunday mornings.

“It proves the point that Al Sharpton is losing the influence that he had,” Pearson said. “I know many people on the other side of the aisle in the black community who hate Al Sharpton. They believe that the only time he shows up is to collect a check. Many people in his audience are starting to reject him, they are staring to reject his divisive agenda.”

Wednesday, Pearson took to Twitter and claimed that he had been blocked from following President Obama.

“I’ve been quite clear about the fact that I want to have a meeting with him to talk about the issues facing the millennial generation. I think it’s a simple request,” Pearson said, adding, “If he’s able to invite Ahmed Mohamed, then he should be able to invite me. I was on his Twitter profile to promote my petition and I was blocked.”

A White House spokesman denied Pearson’s claim that he had been blocked, saying the @POTUS Twitter account does not block users.

“He can block American citizens but he can’t block illegal immigrants who cross our borders?” Pearson asked. “But the fact that they came out and called me a liar, I find that outrageous. But I’m going to continue to spread the truth.”

When he’s not starting Twitter wars with the White House, Pearson serves as the national chairman of Teens for Ted, a Ted Cruz presidential advocacy campaign aimed at building young grassroots voter support for the Republican Senator from Texas’s White House bid.

“I got connected with the campaign in early August, and we talked about Teens for Ted and mobilizing a new generation of courageous conservatives across the country,” Pearson said. “It was something that I could not turn down. I’ve been excited in stepping into that role. And we are doing great things. We are the only campaign targeting high-schoolers. We are learning from the mistakes of Romney and McCain.”

On leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Pearson said “I want to thank him for bringing issues like immigration to the forefront of the political debate. I think it’s a debate that we need to have, but sadly is an issue that Senator Ted Cruz has been leading on before Donald Trump even decided to run for office.”

“Right now, Donald Trump is leading. But as you can see, his lead is falling. I think in the coming months, Americans are going to get serious. They are going to look for a candidate that has been consistent, principled, and they’re going to make a choice. And their choice is going to be Senator Ted Cruz.”

Breitbart News, Pearson added, is his “favorite source for news.”


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