There are 19 months between now and Election Day 2024. Trust me, what the Democrats have in store to rig the 2024 presidential election through prosecutorial abuse has only just begun.

To begin with, you have to remember just how vile and depraved the Democrat party has become. To appease their demonic base, Democrats like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi openly advocate for child mutilation, gay porn in elementary schools, mentally ill men invading the girls’ locker rooms, and exposing little kids to the kind of depraved drag queens who want to expose themselves to kids.

What’s more, to hold on to a U.S. Senate seat, Democrats were willing to kill John Fetterman.

Additionally, Democrats have openly aligned with the rioters, murderers, and cop killers in Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Democrats are so eager for power and to replace Americans with more compliant illegal immigrants, they are willing to flood our country with the poison of fentanyl and enable sex trafficking, including the trafficking of children.

When you are dealing with a political party and corporate media this boldly evil, nothing is off limits. Their only morality is that which furthers the fascist cause, and if mutilating and trafficking children further that cause, that makes the mutilation and trafficking moral.

In this environment, the prosecutorial abuse we have already seen and will continue to see should not surprise anyone with an IQ that rises over their body temperature.

Manufacturing a nonexistent crime to indict former President Trump, who just so happens to be the opposition party’s frontrunner, is only the beginning of the beginning of this prosecutorial abuse.

We have 19 months to go.

Wrap your minds around that: 19 months.

Look at the lay of the land, and then game out the possibilities…

The lay of the land is that people eager to mutilate children hold political and prosecutorial power. The possibilities are, therefore, endless…

We already know Trump will be booked, fingerprinted, possibly frog-marched before the cameras, and forced to pose for a mugshot.

We already know a criminal trial will happen, and the corrupt Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg will seek a Manhattan venue to seat a jury filled with rabid Trump haters.

Former President Donald Trump (Left) and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (Alex Brandon, Seth Wenig/AP Photo)

Over 19 months, we can easily see a trial taking place and a verdict coming down.

Over 19 months, you can bet your life Bragg will pursue additional indictments.

Over 19 months, you can expect another indictment from a corrupt Democrat district attorney in Georgia, then possibly another trial, this one in Atlanta.

As our country regresses into a cesspool of recession, war, and violent crime, as His Fraudulency Joe Biden becomes weaker and more embattled with dementia, the Democrats have decided to rape every political norm they can get their hands on to ensure Trump loses.

Over the next 19 months, we will see corrupt prosecutors, lawyers, juries, and judges abuse their power and office to create as many political tripwires as possible to rig the 2024 election.

Do not be surprised if Trump is convicted, denied bail, and taken to prison in handcuffs.

The goal is to distract attention from the failing state of our country, gin up the Democrat base, and further the cause of Trump exhaustion.

Again, you cannot put anything past a political party willing to hold on to power through the mutilation of children.

We are in for a long 19 months.


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