John Nolte

John Nolte


Nolte: The Era of the Mask Fascists Has Begun

Gee, I’m old enough to remember when the “experts” told us masks weren’t helpful when it comes to preventing the coronavirus. In fact, we were told masks were actually bad for us.


Nolte: Politico Admits Democrats ‘Dread’ Fast Economic Rebound

The far-left Politico admitted Tuesday that Democrats are “dreading” the idea of a fast economic boom as America reopens, which explains the anti-science push among many Democrat governors to extend their pointless coronavirus lockdowns.


Nolte: The New Stupid Standard Is Testing Everyone Every Single Day

Just when you think the corrupt media cannot possibly move the coronavirus goalposts any further, ABC’s Jonathan Karl launches those posts into the outer reaches of space with the stupidest, most anti-science goal ever conceived. Get this… America’s testing infrastructure will not be acceptable to the fake news media until everyone is tested every freakin’ day they go to work.