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Nolte: Joe Biden’s Formula Shortage Puts Two Babies in Hospital

“At least two children in Tennessee are being treated at the hospital due to [Joe Biden’s] nationwide formula shortage,” reports Fox 8. “According to WMC, neither doctors nor their families can find the formula these children need on store shelves.”

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Nolte: Democrats Had 50 Years to Pass Abortion Legislation

Hey, you idiots who are all juiced up to vote for Democrats now it looks like the obscenity called Roe v. Wade is about to be overturned… Newsflash, stupes: Those same Democrats had 50 years to make abortion legal all across the land and those same Democrats CHOSE not to.

SEATTLE, WA - MAY 03: Demonstrators gather during a rally in support of abortion rights at Westlake Park on May 3, 2022 in Seattle, Washington. A leaked draft opinion by Justice Samuel Alito has suggested that the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, a historic ruling …