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Dean on Hillary Pay-To-Play Accusations: This is a Press ‘Witch Hunt’

Wednesday on MSNBC while commenting on the media’s call for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to hold a press conference in light of new pay-to-play accusations between then-Secretary Clinton’s State Department and her family’s organization the Clinton Foundation, former Democratic


Watch: Clinton Campaign Manager Mook Defends Lack of Press Conferences

Amid rising concerns of the connections between the Clinton Foundation and her State Department, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook defended the lack of press conferences given by his candidate during the Wednesday edition of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” Former George W. Bush communications


Watch: Hannity, Trump Console ‘Angel Moms’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Fox News host Sean Hannity consoled “angel moms” who lost their children to crimes committed by illegal immigrants during a town hall event broadcast on Tuesday. Follow on Twitter @BreitbartVideo