Russian Tennis Star Identifies as Georgian to Bypass Wimbledon Ban

Russian doubles tennis player Natela Dzalamidze found a simple solution to widespread bans against Russian players in international sports after the invasion of Ukraine: she changed her nationality to Georgian and will therefore be allowed to play at Wimbledon with her Serbian doubles partner, Aleksandra Krunic.

Natela Dzalamidze in action during the game between Natela Dzalamidze - Kaja Juvan and Aleksandra Krunic - Pattinama Kerkhove in Transylvania Open Doubles Semifinals, in BT Arena Cluj-Napoca, 30 October 2021. (Photo by Alex Nicodim/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

China Claims Russia Increasingly Interested in Trade in Yuan

Russian companies have increasingly turned to China and India to sell products originally intended for U.S.-allied markets in recent months due to Western sanctions against Moscow, China’s state-run Global Times reported on Tuesday, noting that these alternative transactions are often settled in local currencies.

100 Chinese Yuan. close up

Xi Jinping Greatly Expands Chinese Military’s Mandate Beyond Defense, Tells World Not to Worry

A Chinese Communist Party regulation signed by dictator Xi Jinping, whose many titles include chairmanship of the Central Military Commission (CMC), greatly expands the mandate of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to conduct “non-war military activities” – a benign-sounding term that happens to be very similar to the language Russian dictator Vladimir Putin employs to describe his invasion of Ukraine.