Joe Scarborough Refers to FNC’s ‘Hannity’ as ‘State-Run Television’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” in reference Donald Trump, Jr’s appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” last week, host Joe Scarborough called the show hosted by conservative commentator Sean Hannity “state-run television.”

Scarborough said, “If you look at what Jay Sekulow was forced to go out and say last weekend on the Sunday shows, if you look at the statement that the President of the United States signed off on with all the president’s men around him on Air Force One, coming back from Europe, lying, lying to the New York Times lying to the American people, saying this meeting was just about adoption and then the next day lying about the people that were in it.”

He continued, “Then going on a TV show that basically a state-run television and being asked at the end of that TV show, is there anything else that we don’t know about? And Don Jr. Saying that’s it. And then and then the next day we find out another person attended the meeting. And then the next day we find out that somebody connected with the KGB that was basically an intel officer was at the meeting. And then the next day finding out that there are two other people at the meeting. These people keep getting caught in their lies. Day after day after day, Jay and the president of the United States keeps saying nothing to see here, move along, move along. It’s like actually a character out of the Simpsons. There is something to see here, and even their own base knows that.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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