Hillary Clinton Abandons ‘Woman Card’ — on Recommendation from Emily’s List

hillary clinton
AP Photo/Matt Rourke
Washington, DC

Hillary Clinton has stopped “explicitly mentioning” that she would be the first woman president less than one month after Donald Trump first accused her campaign of “playing the woman card.”

A research report completed by Emily’s List, which is a Democratic organization that supports female candidates for abortion rights, suggests the likely Democratic nominee should “de-emphasize the ‘first’ talk” in reference to being the first woman on top of a political party’s ticket and possibly the first woman president.

“They already know she’d be the first woman president,” the report stated, referencing donors, adding, “But we don’t get anything by reminding them.”

According to the Associated Press, speaking about being the first female president was not benefiting the candidate.

“Clinton has stopped explicitly mentioning her role in history and joking about being the “youngest woman president.” That’s by design: Those kinds of direct appeals weren’t working with voters,” reports the Associated Press.

“Hillary Clinton has been through a lot of fires in her life and her career,” Emily’s List president Stephanie Schriock stated.

In late April, now-presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump accused Clinton of playing the “woman card” to distract from her poor record in the Senate and Obama’s State Department. At first, Clinton agreed and amplified Trump’s attack, using the slogan “Deal Me In” and distributing a physical “Woman Card” to supporters. However, it appears that the data from Emily’s List has forced her to soften this approach.