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'No Points for You' Say Dick Durbin and Barney Frank

In July of 2010, Barack Obama signed the Dodd-Frank bill into law. Forcing this unpopular piece of legislation upon the American people was akin to tossing a hand grenade of regulation into the banking industry and ducking to avoid the

'The Office': NBC Has Snubbed 'Under God' Before

By now, everyone whose zip code is not in Middle Earth or Narnia knows that NBC took some liberties with the Pledge of Allegiance. During NBC’s coverage of The U.S. Open golf tournament. They produced and played a patriotic montage

Top Five Films That Michael Moore will Never Make

There is a lot that a person can learn from watching “Scarface.” While most of the lessons involve how to build a drug distribution empire, alternative uses for a chainsaw, and what not to do with your tongue when trying

Countdown to the Oscars: Top 10 Oscar Snubs of All Time

And the Oscar doesn’t go to… An incurably snarky acquaintance of mine has recently introduced me to the word “suckage.” Apparently this magic word can qualify as a noun, verb, adjective, and with a little creative thought, a personal pronoun

Not Another Paris Hilton Reality Show!

There are a lot of things that most of us would have more use for in life than a new Paris Hilton reality television show. Some sort of flesh eating virus or a scorching case of crabs comes immediately to

What Will the PC-Police Do When the 'Narnia' Films Confront Islam?

The Narnia films are extremely good. The silver screen renditions of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe as well as Prince Caspian were faithful to the books. The most encouraging aspect regarding the filmmaker’s approach was how they didn’t

Why Is SheDaisy on the Country Music Bench?

There are a lot of things in music that don’t make sense. The popularity of Justin Bieber is one of them. Why this carbon based Muppet is currently a media sensation is a good example of things in the music

Top 5: Favorite Television Food & Recipes

Food and television go hand in hand. Those who doubt this fact need only look at the correlation between the proliferation of cable television by year then compare it with the obesity rate. The two seem to be related. The

RightNetwork Inspires Fear and Loathing From the Left

What annoys liberals more than anything else? Free Speech and intellectual honesty are probably high on the list of things that give them intestinal cramps. Considering what I have seen of the anti-war rallies and the folks who proudly wear

'Chuck': The Little Spy Show that Could Returns Tonight

The 2007 fall season was to new television shows what a gold-digging Russian home wrecker with a tape recorder was to Mel Gibson’s career. Most of the new network offerings that year met with a premature ratings death and were

Vampires in Film: From Malevolent Monsters to Moody, Male Models

Anybody who is familiar with the Twilight series of films is aware that these movies are the some sort of cinematic cat nip to lovelorn teenaged girls and lonely MILFs everywhere. This generally is because of the fact that today’s

Why Hollywood Will Lose the Culture War

Hollywood has a problem. They are currently losing the cultural popularity contest. A new Pew research poll shows that only 33% of Americans have a favorable view of entertainment industry. By way of comparison, Rasmussen reports that 48% of the