Yep, the Benghazi circus was pretty much what we all thought it was

A President who didn’t care… a gigantic government in which nobody talks to anybody else… a genius foreign policy team that didn’t realize a hotbed of al-Qaeda activity, in a nearly lawless reason of a shaky country, might be dangerous on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks… a mad morning-after scramble by a terrified candidate to cover up a series of deadly mistakes that might have scuttled his re-election bid.. 

Amazing testimony today from Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey.  No wonder America had to be buffaloed with a laughably phony story about a “spontaneous video protest” nobody could have predicted.  Hillary Clinton knew all of this when she was telling the families of the Benghazi dead that she’d bring the rogue “video makers” to justice.  Joe Biden knew all this when he lied his way through that deranged, eye-rolling performance at the Vice Presidential debate.  They all knew what really happened that night.  They all remember how they felt when they realized just how badly they had screwed up.  And then they resolved to make sure the rest of us wouldn’t know about it, until Barack Obama was safely re-elected.