Wasserman Schultz Deceives Reporters

It appears that the DNC has omitted key portions of Capella’s statement from their official transcript of the call that featured both Wasserman Schultz and Van Hollen.

Here is the ending of Capella’s statement (also part of the official transcript) that can also be heard on audio link-  


We know our country needs to deal with our national debt and the budget deficit- we’re very much aware of budgeting- we’ve done that most of our lives. But we must do so in a balanced manner at the federal level- we cannot do it on the backs of senior citizens as Republicans like Marco Rubio have proposed.


Social Security and Medicare are a sacred trust between the government and the American people. They are our promise- and they are promised to us- to our seniors that we can live our golden years free from the fear of poverty or an illness that causes bankruptcy. It allows us to live with the dignity and respect we have earned after a lifetime of hard work.


But the DNC didn’t publish the following statements by Capella in their official transcript of the event where she refers to Rubio as a “liar” – 


Senator Rubio is youthful, attractive, and an engaging speaker.  I’ve had the opportunity to hear him, personally. He is a family man and a son of Cuban immigrants.  However, he speaks very nicely but I found that his voting record, he lies what he says.


So tomorrow night I will listen closely to what Senator Rubio has to say.  As his constituent I sincerely hope he decides that America’s seniors are more important than Tea Party politics or protecting generous tax loopholes for Donald Trump and Big Oil.

How convenient for the DNC to leave out the contentious part of Capella’s remarks assuming that they’d get away with it.

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