ICE Officer Contradicts Napolitano on Admin's Immigration Plan: "They've Completely Shut Us Out"

At the Senate’s first hearing this year on immigration reform, Senator Jeff Sessions asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano if anyone from the administration had met with ICE agents to address their concerns.

Low moral has been a problem for ICE agents because of radical changes in immigration policies. The President of the ICE Employees Union, Chris Crane testified last week at a House hearing that his agency is “falling apart” and that “death or serious injury to ICE officers appears to be more acceptable to ICE, DHS and administration leadership than the public complaints lodged by special interest groups representing illegal aliens.”

Napolitano answered Sessions by saying that ICE was involved in discussions at the White House as the president formed his immigration proposal. When Sessions asked Chris Crane, later in the hearing if the president or anyone else in the administration had asked him or any of his officers about how to improve the immigration law, Crane answered, “no sir, in fact what we see are the special interest groups are brought in to ICE headquarters, DHS headquarters…they put out lists bragging – you know – a hundred or more special interest groups that they’re bringing in to work on the policies, and — they completely shut us out.”