DiGenova: Whistleblowers ‘Are Trying To Rescue The Country From The Sleepwalking It’s In’

In response to Benghazi Witness: ‘You Should Have Seen What (Clinton) Tried to Do to Us That Night’:

In an interview on WMAL, this morning, Mark Thompson’s lawyer, Joe diGenova charged that due to media malpractice, the country has been sleeping through the Benghazi story.. 

di Genova told the hosts, “Once the testimony is done on Wednesday, the story that has been put out by the administration, (even though anyone with a brain knew that the story put out by the administration was false!)… after the assaults by the Democrats on these witnesses in attempts to undercut them, it will be very clear that these are three great Americans who are trying to rescue the country from the sleepwalking that it’s in.”

diGenova went on to say that it was an honor for he and Toensing to represent these witnesses for free; “we’re charging them no fees -we  wouldn’t even think about it because this is about history. This is about making people understand that on that night of Sept. 11, 2012 the US government abandoned a US ambassador and all the people in that compound. And if it weren’t for the bravery of some CIA people, who basically disobeyed orders not to protect people, there would be more dead.”

But he also claimed that there are people dead today who should not be. “It is quite obvious that the two CIA guys who were killed on top of the annex by mortar shells most definitely could have been helped…”

He dismissed the ACB report, saying, “if anyone thinks that the Accountability Review Board was designed to find the truth, they are living in a dream world.”

He said it it’s a story of such immensity, that it makes him sad that the MSM “can even get up and look at itself in the mirror, these days.” 

At Big Journalism, today, John Nolte argued that the media will be spinning the story in one of two ways – they’ll either ignore the story, and if it proves too explosive to ignore, then they will join the Democrats in an all out assault on the whistleblowers to undercut their stories.

We all know how the goofuses at MSNBC will spin it. I’m holding out hope that the rest of the MSM will at least grudgingly give the story the attention it deserves. 

This entire interview is worth a listen: