Obama Is Every Bit as Bad as We Warned You

Kurt Schlichter notes that conservatives have been vindicated quite often in the past several weeks:

I suspect that list will grow longer. 

The common thread in each of these scandals is corruption and a willingness to abuse the expanded powers of big government–while failing to carry out the most basic responsibilities of any government.

In Benghazi, Obama a) failed to take action to save American diplomats in danger, then b) lied about it, with the enthusiastic help of mainstream media journalists (some of whom now want to blame Mitt Romney).

In Pigford, Obama pushed for additional billions in federal spending on fraudulent “reparations” processes that was abused in the name of real victims of racial discrimination–all so he could pay off key voting blocs.

In Obamacare, Obama rushed through a massive, unworkable law–then granted waivers to key companies and a disproportionate number of unions while his congressional allies worked to exempt themselves.

In the IRS scandal, the taxman targeted Tea Party and conservative groups–including, apparently, at least one pro-Israel group. It happened on Obama’s watch; we may yet learn that it happened with his approval.

And in the ongoing immigration debate, special interests are writing yet another massive big government expansion while refusing to strengthen border security provisions–and, like Obamacare, rushing it through.

Schlichter could have added the National Labor Relations Board scandal, in which the president exceeded his constitutional appointment power–and continues to ignore a federal court ruling against him.

None of this comes as a surprise to those of us who realized, prior to 2008, that Obama’s moderate temperament and elite pedigree past masked a career of radicalism and a pattern of corrupt behavior.

It has taken until now–long after the 2012 elections, of course–for the mainstream media to acknowledge some of what Obama has been up to. They are still pushing back. They have simply run out of excuses.


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