BenghaziGate: At Least 5 CIA Employees Forced to Sign Nondisclosure Agreements

In response to Report: CIA Silencing Operatives with Knowledge of Benghazi Operations:

“This is the one”  Drudge editor Joseph Curl is saying about the latest revelations coming out about Benghazi. He’s referring to what his CIA source promised back in May would be the next shoe to drop.

Fox News is reporting this morning that at least five CIA employees were forced to sign additional nondisclosure agreements this past spring regarding the Benghazi attack.

 These employees had already signed such agreements before the attack but were made to sign new agreements aimed at discouraging survivors from leaking their stories to the media or anyone else.

CNN has also reported that dozens of people working for the CIA were in Benghazi on the night of the attack, and that employees are being intimidated into staying silent.
The details have fueled concerns by lawmakers that, while the government is spending much energy on keeping Benghazi personnel quiet, not enough progress has been made in tracking down those actually responsible for the strike.

In his appearance on “America’s Newsroom”, this morning, Darrell Issa, the Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee noted that this type of secrecy is not consistent with the law and is leading to “a general belief that you shouldn’t talk to congress and that happens to be obstruction, and it’s illegal under the statutes.”

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