Serious You Guys There's No Leftist Bias In the Media At All

Apparently a real publisher, W.W. Norton, put out a book called Christian Nation, which is… well a novel, supposedly, for some definitions of “novel.”

It’s an alt-history book which postulates that Sarah Palin became President in 2009 or so.  (McCain died in office.)  Then she declared martial law and imposed a Christian Theocracy, Because Conservative.

It’s a real hoot. The New York Post can even be tortuously read as calling it “Required reading…,” sort of.And the dialogue… Well, as they say, sometimes characters just write their own lines.

And sometimes evil stupid partisan robots erase the lines the characters wrote for themselves and replace them with robot gibberish.

That seems to be what’s happened here.

Serious You Guys, you have to get in on this fun. It’s just too adorbs for words.