The Party of Obfuscation

In response to Dems Block Cruz Resolution to Create Joint Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi:

Ah, Democrats – the Party of Obfuscation.  They can’t govern to save their lives.  They’re all over the map on a crisis like Syria, falling all over themselves to figure out what today’s Obama talking point is, and trying to make it sound like that’s what they have always believed.  They can’t find a single dollar to cut from a bloated economy-crushing government headed for total systemic collapse.  The Democrat Senate Majority Leader stuffs dozens of pro-growth House GOP bills into his desk and then babbles to his fawning media pals that Republicans are a bunch of “obstructionists” and “anarchists.”  If the Democrats ran Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, it would only produce a couple of Tootsie Rolls a month, they’d cost $500 apiece, and the Oompa Loompas would have long ago resorted to cannibalism to stay alive.

But when it’s time for a cover-up, the Democrats suddenly become SEAL Team Six.  They’ll crush any and every investigation into their beloved god-king’s incompetence and malfeasance.  There’s no higher priority for them – they’ll put a hand in the face of unemployed Americans and shove them into the mud, in their haste to cast a vote that shuts down a Benghazi probe. 

And they know the media will never, ever make them pay a price for it.  Of course, no Republican Administration would have survived the Benghazi outrage, but just as a thought experiment, imagine they did… and congressional Republicans blocked a resolution to investigate a story as fishy as Obama and Clinton’s Benghazi excuses.  The media would be in an uproar.  Every single Republican would be put in a hammerlock during media interviews and asked how they could possibly, in good conscience, turn their backs on the brave Americans who died in Benghazi.  And you wouldn’t have to wait for a Vladimir Putin op-ed in the New York Times to learn how the Republican fiasco in Libya was spreading a terrorist contagion into surrounding countries, not to mention setting the stage for the Syrian crisis.  The universal response to anyone from a GOP Administration who talked about bombing Syria to preserve the President’s credibility would be, “But what about the credibility that has already been squandered in Benghazi?”

Benghazi is such a scandal that I sometimes marvel at the media’s ability to keep it bottled up through the 2012 election.  It reflects very poorly on the American electorate that Obama survived it.  It’s a horrifying farce that Hillary Clinton is collecting awards and positioning herself for a 2016 run.  Talk about sending a message of American weakness to the world!  What makes us look lower than celebrating the people who allowed terrorists to murder a U.S. ambassador and the brave men who stood by his side, sack one of our consulates, and skip away with complete impunity?  What makes us look more dangerously vulnerable than one of our political parties blocking investigations into the disaster?