Jeff Sessions Throws In With ‘Wacko Birds’ – Makes The Case For Defund On The Senate Floor

Senator Jeff Sessions, appearing on Breitbart News Sunday, yesterday with Steve Bannon, explained why he was supporting freshman upstarts Cruz, Lee, and Paul in their Defund ObamaCare effort.

“Well, there’s division sometimes just over tactics like the healthcare bill and how is the best way to get rid of it,” Sessions responded. “We’ve got a new group of very dynamic, determined new Senators that just got elected and they’re not interested in business as usual. They’re pushing an agenda they believe reflected the promises they made to their constituents when they got elected, things that they believe in.” 

“I think it’s very great. I think it’s healthy,” he continued. “I think Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Rand Paul are doing their best every day for the benefit of this country. I agree with them a lot of times on tactics and procedures, sometimes I may not, but all in all, one of the things that has occurred has been that they have been a positive force in slowing down the immigration bill.” 

And that’s why Jeff Sessions is one of my favorite members of Congress. He’s always a class act. 

He made the case for Defund on the Senate floor today, saying the White House is giving ObamaCare waivers to everyone but John Q. Public…

 “The only person who apparently is stuck with this, who doesn’t have power to influence the process, is John Q. Citizen”, Sessions said.  “Unions are getting delays, businesses are getting employer mandate delays–because it just won’t work. And in fact this bill is clearly, indisputably savaging job creation and economic growth…

 [President Obama’s position is,] ‘No change–not one jot, not one tittle, of my health care [law] will be changed.’ What is he saying there? ‘I’ll shut down the government before I’ll allow a change in my perfect health care bill.’ So I want to raise the question, who is causing the problem in this country? … It’s the President of the United States, and the majority in the Senate.”


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