Boehner Rejects Obama's No-Negotiations Stance – Ties 1 Year ObamaCare Delay To Debt Ceiling Hike

In response to 61% Of Americans Disagree With Obama’s Refusal To Negotiate With Republicans:

Speaker Boehner (and the American public) have rejected out of hand the president’s repeated assertions that he will not negotiate with Republicans. The Speaker telling reporters – “it doesn’t work that way.”

Although Tea party conservatives would much prefer the “end it, not mend it” approach, the House Republican Caucus has settled on the delay strategy to repeal Obamacare by tying it to the debt-ceiling hike needed by October 17. 

Back in July, the House held votes on delaying the employer and individual mandates in Obamacare. 

Paul Ryan argued at the time that delaying the mandates would help Republicans achieve their ultimate goal of repealing the law altogether. “We should have these votes, and members of Congress should make their positions clear,” he said. “I think most conservatives in the House think having these delay votes are helpful to getting rid of the law entirely. These mandates are sort of the entire core of the law.”

Via Hot Air, House Leaders announced on Thursday that Republicans will demand a one-year delay of full implementation of Obamacare in its opening offer to increase the U.S. debt limit:

Earlier today, John Boehner rejected Barack Obama’s refusal to negotiate on a debt-ceiling raise, telling the media, “It doesn’t work that way.”  

Obama should know better; he negotiated on the debt ceiling in 2011, for instance, and voted against a similar hike in 2006 as a Senator during the Bush administration.  When he claimed that Republican demands for negotiations amounted to extortion and were unprecedented, the Washington Post slapped him with four Pinocchios for the claim.