The Senate Saves Boehner, Ironically

The Senate’s deal on ending the shutdown and raising the debt ceiling may have saved the country from further crisis. It may also have saved John Boehner’s speakership. House conservatives seem to have accepted that the deal, while bad, is the result of side dealing between the White House and the Senate, not capitulation by the House Republican leadership. Indeed, several of them are congratulating Boehner for putting up a fight.

Robert Costa notes that the House conservatives are also giving Boehner credit for supporting the “defund caucus.” So, contrary to what I had thought yesterday, they will not direct their frustrations at Boehner, but at their fellow Republicans, especially in the Senate. It’s not clear what kind of leadership Boehner exerts, given that he could not unite his party behind a House deal. But he will retain the Speaker’s gavel, regardless.