McConnell: The Only 'Fix' Is Full Repeal – Boehner: Unless It's Our Fix

Republicans really need to work on their poor messaging issues.

In a statement following Obama’s announcement of an ObamaCare fix, U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell declared ObamaCare is broken beyond repair, and the only fix is full repeal, which is great, but  Speaker Boehner also issued a statement following the presser that contradicts McConnell. In his statement, Boehner promoted the House fix.

McConnell’s press release:

I actually like that statement. So let’s get on that! Repeal, repeal, repeal! Would now be a good time for the House to put  Repeal up to a vote, again? Why not?  McConnell seems to be implying it.

What does House Speaker John Boehner have to say?

“After finally acknowledging he repeatedly misled the American people to sell his health care law, the president is asking Americans to trust him again. The President has absolutely no credibility on his promise.

True to form, it appears this is little more than a political response designed to shift blame rather than solve the problem. This problem cannot be papered over by another ream of Washington regulations. Americans losing their coverage because of the president’s health care law need clear, unambiguous legislation that guarantees the plan they have and like will still be allowed.

That’s why the House will be voting on the Keep Your Health Plan Act tomorrow, and the president should support it.”

Is it too much to ask that the leaders of the Republican party be on the same page when it comes to the most important issue of the day?