More media notice that Democrats have been lying about ObamaCare Medicaid enrollment


More media outlets are picking up on the highly inconvenient truth I mentioned here last week: Obama and the Democrats have been straight-up lying about Medicaid enrollment figures.  

It’s not a mistake, or a debatable interpretation of the data.  The Administration and its allies are deliberately and willfully misrepresenting the size of the ObamaCare-prompted Medicaid enrollment “surge” by counting existing Medicaid beneficiaries who were going to renew anyway, whether ObamaCare was around or not.  They’re exaggerating the number of enrollees by an order of magnitude: the real number is somewhere between 300,000 and 400,000, but Democrats have been claiming 3 to 4 million.  One motivation for this deception is their desire to make it look as though some huge number of Medicaid hostages will be thrown to the curb if ObamaCare is repealed.

Naturally, they also miss no opportunity to deceptively mix this inflated number with the people who actually bought insurance on the ObamaCare exchanges (a number that is, frankly, still a complete mystery, because the Administration sill claims it has no idea how many paid, valid policies there are.)  The bottom line is that when you hear some lying Democrat claim there are 6 million ObamaCare enrollees, they’re counting about 4 million existing Medicaid beneficiaries who have absolutely nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act.  

One of those lying Democrats is most definitely Barack H. Obama, whose official Twitter feed (actually run by a group the IRS couldn’t wait to certify as “non-partisan,” to grant them the kind of tax exemption Tea Party groups just couldn’t seem to get) has been spreading the fraudulent 6 million figure.

Megyn Kelly had a segment on this scandal on Fox News Thursday night, declaring that the Administration had been “caught red-handed” lying to the American people.  Again.

Kelly sure didn’t mince words… but then again, neither did Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler, who had the stones to award himself a Three Pinocchio B.S. rating for repeating the fraudulent Administration claims without properly investigating them.  If you follow the link and read Kessler’s lengthy explanation for how the deception was uncovered, you’ll see that it wasn’t easy to wade through the doughy mass of data bubbling out of Health and Human Services to get the truth.  As far as I know, Sean Trende at RealClearPolitics was the first analyst to figure it out.  He should get some sort of Golden Shovel award for digging through the bovine excrement to find the truth.


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