Creepy DCCC Graphic Depicts John Boehner With Red Duct Tape Over His Mouth

Yesterday was a banner day for Democrats on Twitter, apparently. As I previously noted, an official WH Twitter account linked to an obscene anti-GOP Twitter troll (to help them make the case that fewer workers in the full-time workforce is an awesome thing.)

Oh, but not to be outdone, the DCCC decided it would be totally kosher to post a tweet with a picture of a gagged (and possibly bound?) Speaker John Boehner. 

What the…?!

What has the DCCC so up in arms are some Republican parody websites that mimic Democrat candidates’ websites, (only they say, ‘help us defeat’ said candidate) causing one very silly person to donate to the NRCC, which the NRCC returned. Okay,  I’m not saying that I approve of the fake websites – but we’re talking about your garden variety “silly season” stuff, right there. 

I don’t know what to make of the DCCC’s – um – “sadistic porn” shot of Boehner. That’s just weird and creepy.


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