To Be Eligible For ObamaCare's Latest Delay, Employers 'May Not Reduce The Size Of Its Workforce'

Yesterday, the president decided to yet again unilaterally change ObamaCare by delaying the employer mandate until 2016 – that is – until after the mid term elections.

Hidden in this latest rewrite of the president’s signature health care law, is a provision that stipulates that in order to be eligible for the additional delay, the employer “may not reduce the size of its workforce or the overall hours of service of its employees” unless it can justify those reductions to the Internal Revenue Service.

Megyn Kelly broke the news on her show, the Kelly File, last night. 

“Basically”, she said, “what the government is telling employers is that you will not fire a single person. You will not lay off a single person – if you want to take advantage of our gift. And you have to certify it under penalty of perjury to the IRS that you didn’t do that!”
Her guest, former GW Bush speechwriter, Marc Thiessen, called the move an “act of desperation,” but desperate or no –  the situation calls for the attention of Congress right away. The government has no business managing the affairs of private businesses. “We have a free market economy, Thiessen later noted, “it’s not a command economy!”

Thiessen went on to reveal a little known nugget he found in the CBO report.

“I dug through the CBO report and on page 118, appendix C, there’s this nugget, this little bombshell,” Thiessen said.
The report reads: “CBO estimates that the ACA will cause a reduction of roughly 1 percent in aggregate labor compensation over the 2017-2024 period, compared with what it would have been otherwise.”
“That means that Americans will face a 1 percent pay cut due to the law.”
“Obama is giving workers a 70 billion a year pay cut through ObamaCare, he explained. “And worse, it’s going to come from low and middle income workers who are the ones who are dependent on the subsidies of ObamaCare.


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