Wasserman Schultz Says Gay Men Grab Party Leadership Roles Away From Lesbians


“No offense to gay men in the room, but just like in the straight community, where women sometimes have been left behind and men have vaulted ahead on the leadership track, my message was it’s time for lesbians to step up.” –DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Did Wasserman Schultz just fuel the phony baloney War on Women, with a War on Lesbians? It’s the same thing, only she is pandering to the LBGT community, who has has been frolicking around in happiness after DOMA was struck down by the SCOTUS.

What she fails to see is, regardless of  sexual orientation, women need to become go-getters, and not expect Democrat leadership roles would be handed out.

But wait, shouldn’t Lesbians expect this kind of entitlement from Democrat Party?