Issa To White House Counsel: 'You're a Hostile Witness' (Video)

The Chairman of the House Oversight Committee characterized White House Counsel, Jennifer O’Conner as a “hostile witness” Tuesday morning as she testified before congress. He would later walk back his accusation, calling her a “non-cooperative witness.”

O’Connor  was subpoenaed by Chairman Darrell Issa, last night, to testify about her time at the IRS from May to November 2013. 

O’Connor’s job at the IRS was to help the agency gather documents related to the congressional investigation into IRS’ improper targeting of conservatives.

Later in the hearing, Issa said he consulted with another member who is a former prosecutor and the proper term to describe O’Connor is a “non-cooperative witness.”

House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, on Tuesday said the Obama administration is not helping Congress get to the truth over the IRS’ close scrutiny of conservative groups and the agency’s recent revelation that it lost emails related to that probe.
“They’ve not only not fully cooperated, they haven’t done a damn thing to help us get to the truth of what really happened,” Boehner, of Ohio, said. “Lois Lerner refuses to tell us the truth, and then all of sudden, ‘Oh my goodness, we lose two years’ worth emails.’ Listen, I grew up in a bar, this doesn’t pass the straight face test.”