Democrats Push Obama Act Unilaterally On Immigration Reform

The push to grant amnesty for millions of
illegal aliens living in the U.S. has officially kicked off, as DNC Chairwoman
Debbie Wasserman Schultz has now said that Presidente Obama should use his
executive powers to give work permits to those illegals.

“The irresponsible thing to do is to do
nothing,” the Florida congresswoman said today at a Bloomberg Government
breakfast in Washington. “The president should do within the boundaries of his
executive authority what he can do if Congress refuses to act.”

We all knew this was coming, as Presidente Obama
has already granted amnesty for “Dreamers,” and has threatened to
move forward with a more expansive amnesty for illegal immigrants executive

The name of the immigration reform game for
Democrats is ‘pander for votes.’

Democrats are banking on amnesty for illegal
immigrants because they believe those immigrants would eventually vote along
Democrat Party lines.

Democrats will undoubtedly offer these illegal
immigrants the entire gambit of Obama goodies and entitlements.