DNC Chair: Unemployment Didn't Go Up Under Obama

From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

Here are a few facts that seem to have gotten past Wasserman Shultz as the head of a major political party, and as a member of Congress:

Jobless rate in January 2009: 7.8%. Jobless rate in November 2011: 8.6%.
Number of employed in January 2009, in thousands: 133,563. In November 2011: 131,708.
Civilian participation rate in January 2009: 65.7%. In November 2011: 64.0%
Unemployment level in January 2009, in thousands: 11,984. In November 2011: 13,303
Number of people not in labor force, January 2009, in thousands: 80,554. In November 2011: 86,558