Cowherd: Rubio Only Electable GOP Candidate — Electing Cruz, Trump Will ‘Lose the Election’ for GOP

On the Friday broadcast of Fox Sports 1’s “The Herd,” host Colin Cowherd reacted to Thursday’s GOP Debate, saying Rubio is the only electable candidate of the bunch.

Cowherd, who called himself a swing-voter, explained that Republicans “hate” President Barack Obama “so deeply” that they want to go as far to the right or as opposite to Obama as possible in order to “prove a point.”

He called GOP candidates Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Donald Trump not electable, saying Cruz is “unlikable” and “far right,” while Trump is a real estate mogul who is more of an entertainer.

According to the sports radio host, the only viable GOP candidate is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), but conservatives do not view him in the same light they see Cruz or Trump, which will ultimately cost the GOP the election because it will lose the swing-voters to Hillary Clinton.

“I would never vote for Bernie Sanders — too far left. I would never vote for Ted Cruz — too far right. Go talk to your tea party yahoos,” Cowherd said.

He continued, “The genius of Barack Obama, is that conservatives hate him so deeply, their anger has got them so wound up, conservatives are so wound up, so full of hate for Obama, that they can’t see the only viable, reasonable candidate they have. I would vote for Rubio. I’m not voting for a billionaire real estate mogul. I’m not voting for harsh, unlikable far right Ted Cruz. You’ve only got one candidate that me and my friends would vote for — Rubio. But Barack Obama, our president, has got Conservatives so pissed, so angry, so frothing they can’t see straight, so they’re trying to go the opposite of him — Trump/Cruz when your candidate is sitting right in front of you, Rubio: electable; actually talks policy; Latino; good looking; telegenic; smart; he’s right in front of you. But he’s a little centrist. It’s incredible. You got the girl. Marry her!”

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